Getting started

We hope you find this app sourc code useful! In this page we'll cover the installation of Android Studio , configuration of app , database & guidance about api keys as well. We're here to help! if you get any questions please contact us at

ionicons-v5-e Folder structure
  • Kareem/
    • gradle/ gradle wrapper
    • ProgressDialog/ custom dialog library
    • app/ main folder
      • src
        • main/
          • assets/ contain all fonts files
          • java/ contain all java files
          • res/ contain all layout ui design files
          • AndroidManifest.xml files which contain all permissions & class names
          • vendor/
        • build/ build files
        • libs/ external libraries in jar/aar
        • release/ release apk file generated in this folder
        • google-service.json configuration files provided by Google Console / Firebase
        • build.gradle gradle file which contain all types of configuration
    • .gradle/ where gralde compiled
    • .idea/ save project caches & configurations
    • build.gradle project root gradle file
    • file which saves the project necessary keys

ionicons-v5-e Development setup
While installing , we recommend to don't install in C:// folder because it would make your pc slower..

ionicons-v5-e Import Project
  • After successfully installion of Android then you have to Import project in Android Studio
  • After successfully importing the project , you can further configure it with other necessary things
  • That's it!
While importing , make sure you don't change gradle version etc.